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All I want for Christmas…

is YOU! Kidding hehehe.

Hayan, Pasko na naman. Time for another exchange of gifts. PM is hosting again the All I Want for Christmas exchange gift for bloggers. Now on it’s third year, this is truly fun. I have participated in the past two years and yes, I am participating again this year. It’s a great way to get to know other bloggers.

Last year, my “baby,” requested for HB pencils. And recently, he gave me a glimpse of what he did with the pencils I sent him. Look here! isn’t it nice to know that what you have sent are being put to good use? 😉

So, what do I want for Christmas this year from my blogger “mommy”?

Something small: coin purse
Something big: bike! hehehe
Something cute: sling bag
Something soft: jelly case for samsung corby II
Something techie: a Samsung P7310 connection kit (usb and card reader for SDHC card, need not be a Samsung original kasi baka mahal ‘yun hehehe). It looks like this. But if you can’t find one that’s cheap, puwede na rin po ito 🙂
Something fancy: stud earrings
Something pink: a pair of slippers (size 6 or 7)
Something wearable: malong (large)
Something you need: a usb power adapter for iphone, yung ganito Mura lang yan, Php150 lang 🙂
Something you can use for work: multipurpose outdoor headwear na parang ganito: tobao
Something sweet: chocolate (kahit bawal sa akin hehehe)
All I (really, really) Want for Christmas is: a ticket to Batanes this summer haha!

Interested in joining? Just visit PM’s blog. Deadline for posting your All I Want For Christmas list is on the 23rd. Puwede pang humabol! 😉

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The One Who Stole My Heart Away

“You better fetch him now, N. Parang lasing nga eh. Nag-vomit na nga siya eh, twice na,” said my high school friend on the other line.

“Sige, punta na ako agad dyan. I’ll take a cab para mabilis akong makarating at masundo ko siya,” I answered with much excitement but with a somewhat worried heart.

I was living in Pandacan then and I had to fetch him in Visayas Ave. in Quezon City. Along the way I was praying that he’d be okay and that nothing was wrong with him.

In the cab on our way home, he was very quiet. He just stayed where he was seated. From time to time I would see him catching a glimpse of me and I would just smile at him. No need for words between us. He eased himself closer to me and right there and then, I knew he already had me (Oo, easy-to-get ako haha!).

How time flies. It has been about 10 years since he made that journey from Batangas to Manila so he could be with me. To this day, when I am with him, in our small moments of bliss, I just feel so happy and blessed.

It’s his birthday today. And I can’t let this day pass without writing a post about him. So, happy birthday to you who stole my heart away.

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Chickens scratch the dirt with their curious claws looking for something that will make them happy—an unfortunate bug perhaps, some grains embedded in the soil, or a wiggly worm. Sometimes, we are like chickens. We tend to scratch surfaces to see if what’s beneath will make us happy. We tend to dig deeper to find happiness.

But do we really have to look far beyond?

Try walking or jogging at the park.

Try hearing a baby laugh.

Try cuddling for an extra hour in bed with your loved one.

Try giving someone a hug.

Try giving someone a compliment.

Try throwing someone a smile.

Try getting into bed with freshly washed covers.

Try having a quiet moment with yourself.

Try having dinner at home with your family.

Try playing with kids.

Try throwing yourself into a hammock.

Try checking your cellphone. There might just be a text message from a dear friend to warm your heart and brighten your day, like the one I received this morning.

Trust me, these simple things always work wonders 😉

Have a lovely weekend, dear friends. Spread happiness!

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we speak of same dreams, of everyday ordinary moments. we bicker (sometimes). we laugh. we cry over shallow reasons. we love to talk. we talk even through tears. we talk even in silence.

i think this is why God drew us to one another and bless us with each other’s presence. because you are just like me. and i am just like you. and through you i see and know and feel every day how it is to have a big sis.

happy birthday, ‘te!

today, i give a special shout out to all you kind and nice and sweet women bloggers who have been dropping in here: happy women’s day! let’s go and celebrate our womanhood 🙂

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Traveling With a Carabao

I’ll be traveling from now on with a carabao. Yes, you read it right, a carabao.

Ain’t he a cutie?

Yeah, yeah, I know he looks familiar. You see him every day on the front page of a daily broadsheet. I got him from their office during an event I got invited to. I guess the broadsheet won’t mind if I take him with me on my trips hehehe.

Why would I bring a plush toy? Well, I have found out recently that a blogger friend’s nieces are reading my blog. A friend who lives abroad tells me that his young son tries to my blog. (At di ko alam kung bakit kasi hindi naman masyadong pambata ang panulat ko, pero sabagay hindi rin naman for adults only hahaha). So there, it’s for the young audience that I am bringing a plush toy with me on my trips. Para ma-encourage ni little carabao ‘yung little children to travel when they grow up 🙂 The little children will also learn a lot from him about the places he visits 😉

Why a carabao? It’s the first plush toy na nakita ko na may touch ng isang Pinoy. At saka para ang kalabaw naman ay hindi lang laging nasa bukid, dapat nagbibyahe rin at namamasyal hehehe.

Hmn, so how do I call my new travel buddy? Guyito, the Wanderer? Guyito, the Explorer? Guyito Lakwatsero? He’s already booked for a trip to two provinces in the Visayas and one province in Mindanao. Abangan ang adventures niya in April and wish him bon voyage 🙂

Posted 5 years, 7 months ago at 6:37 pm.