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Dear Santa I’ve Been Good: Bloggers Christmas Exchange Gift 2

The image shows my nephew’s letter to Santa Claus last Christmas and I think it’s fitting to accompany this post hehehe

Blogger PM is again spreading cheer among bloggers by organizing a Christmas exchange gift. She dubbed it Dear Santa I’ve Been Good. I joined last year and I’m joining again this year. What makes this different from other “exchange gifts” is that you’ll know from whom you will be receiving your gift before it gets to your door. The excitement comes from anticipating which of the items in your wish list will you receive.

So here is my Dear Santa I’ve Been Good wish list:
Something small: fancy stud earrings
Something big: beach towel (looking forward to summer hehehe)
Something cute: purple travel pillow
Something soft: travel pillow 🙂 (sige na nga, kahit hindi na purple hehehe)
Something techie: lenspen camera lens cleaner (does this qualify as techie?)
Something fancy: anything purple
Something (insert your favorite color): purple
Something wearable: malong
Something you need: malong again 🙂
Something you can use for work: pencil/ballpen organizer
Something sweet: chocnut 🙂 or Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix Bars (mabibili sa Mercury at SM groceries hehehe)
Dear Santa I’ve Been Good and I really, really, really want: Maurice Sendak’s storybook “Where the Wild Things Are” or any of Eric Carle’s books (tumatanggap ako ng second hand 😉 )

Sali na rin kayo! The more, the many-ier haha! Mura lang naman, Php200 lang minimum. Just hop on over to PM’s post for more details.

Posted 5 years, 11 months ago at 6:54 pm.


Mon Amie

Ikaw, kaibigan, ang itatampok ko ngayon dito sa blog ko at pasasalamatan.

Habang tinitipa ko ito ay nakikita kong magkasabay nating inaakyat ang malalaking bato sa bundok at tinatawid ang mga ilog. Magkasabay nating nilalakbay ang tila walang hanggang mga kalsada. Magkasabay nating pinagmamasdan ang ginintuang kulay ng paglubog ng araw. Magkasabay nating binabaybay ang ilang dalampasigan. At magkasabay tayong napapatunganga ganda ng kalikasan.

Magkasabay nating ginagasgas ang ating mga lalamunan sa bawat concert ni Lola Regine. Magkasabay nating pinanoood sa Festival ang Harry Potter. Magkasabay tayong nakikipagsisikan sa bookfair sa MOA. Magkasabay nating pinupudpod ang suwelas ng ating mga sapatos sa paglilibot sa Ayala, SM, Festival, at Divisoria. Magkasabay nating pinagsasaluhan ang sandwich ng Isaac, ang Zagu pearl shake, at nilalantakan ang ice cream at cake.

Ngunit higit pa sa lahat ng iyan ay ang magkasabay nating pagsasalo sa kuwentuhan, sa saya, sa problema, at sa marami pang seryosong bagay.

Salamat, kaibigan, dahil sa loob ng napakaraming taon, walang isang araw na lumipas na hindi ka nag-text at nangumusta. Oo, record-holder ka sa lahat ng mga kamag-anak at kaibigan ko. Gusto kitang putungan ng korona dahil dyan 🙂 Salamat, dahil sa loob ng maraming taon ni minsan ay hindi mo ako iniwanan at tinalikuran.

I am truly, truly honored, blessed, and awed to have known you. Mmmmmmmmmwah! Happy birthday!

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This Joy, This Ride

I don’t know when or how it started. This itch. This desire to see what’s beyond the borders. This fascination with new things. This hunger for experiential knowledge. It’s a craving that won’t go away.

I’ve always felt like an orphan longing for something that’s missing. Subconsciously I knew there was something more beyond, something that could help me help others in my own little way. So I ventured bravely. Took some risks. Despite my fluttering heartbeat…

And that has made all the difference.

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Wonderful, Just Wonderful…

…seeing two people proclaiming their love and commitment to each other in front of their Creator and the people who are close to their heart.

The Boy and The Girl tied the knot last Saturday and I flew to Cebu for their wedding. I tried to blend in with the crowd to take pictures of them, incognito 🙂 Well, that WAS the plan haha! They didn’t know I was among those who were taking pictures.

Congratulations, Dan and Kikit! At my corner, naiyak ako talaga during your wedding because I was suuuuuper happy for you! 🙂

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Pens of Hope Distribution on a Rainy Day

On my way to the post office in the town of Catarman, after visiting a friend in Bgy. Dalakit, I saw a small structure, a very humble one, much like the house I used to live in when I was young. But what really caught my attention was the sign outside its door: SEA-K Day Care Center. It was the most humble, so far, among the schools I have visited in my province.

So I got curious about the day care center’s story and found out that the humble structure houses 27 children. Their teacher, whom we will just call Teacher Malou, put up the structure on her own so the children won’t have to travel to the other day care center and save the PhP10.00 fare daily. Otherwise, most of the children would probably not attend school. The parents also clamored for a nearer school. So Teacher Malou teaches the 27 children, aside from attending to the children in the other day care center. And she only receives a meager income as a day care worker.

Each child pays Php75.00 a month. So with 27 enrolees, the total tuition fee amounts to Php2,025 a month. This amount is used for the expenses in the center. Imagine operating a school with only Php2,025 a month! That’s only about $42 or $43. So, to make the children and Teacher Malou smile, Pens of Hope decided to give out some pencils, toys, and books so the children will have something to read during summer.

However, I couldn’t personally attend to the distribution because of some unforeseen circumstances so I asked some people to help me. and they were kind enough to prepare some balloons to decorate the center…

… and to cleanup the place which is just about 3×2 meters lang yata.

It was a rainy day, and amidst a leaking roof, the distribution pushed through.

The children also had a great time playing some games…

…and listening to stories.

And even if I was away, I was filled with happiness with every text message I received describing how the distribution was going 🙂 On behalf of the children of SEA-K Day Care Center, damo gud nga salamat! (Thank you so much!) We are also sending special shout outs to Ms. Vicky Carbonell, Ms. Emma, and to Patience. May God always bless you always for your generous heart.

Posted 6 years, 7 months ago at 7:07 pm.